NOTICE: Amazon Return Changes. 11/28/18

‼️Attention all Amazon shoppers‼️ Please note: Amazon has made some changes to the way they are doing returns. Amazon has started defaulting it’s return option to a ‘No printer? No problem’ option which has seemingly caused more headaches for many individuals. While it seems like a better option, it in turn makes you take your returns to a UPS Store instead of to any UPS Drop-off location. The nearest UPS Store to Portage is in Waunakee, WI which is approx. 35+ miles from our store. To be able to bring your returns to our Drop-off location or any other UPS Drop-off location, please follow the below instructions when making an Amazon return (we have added images to help as well).

1. Sign in to your Amazon account and select the order you want to return.

2. Select your reason for returning the item(s).

3. Instead of the default option Amazon has chosen (which is Amazon Gift Card), select Original Payment Method. *You may keep Amazon Gift Card if that is what you prefer.

4. Instead of the ‘No printer? No problem, print @ The UPS Store’ option Amazon has chosen, select ‘UPS Dropoff’.

5. You can either print the label right then or choose whether you want a copy of the return label emailed to you or mailed to you for an additional $1.
NOTE: If you do not have a printer or any access to a printer, the local library in Portage ( does offer the option to print off an email for the cost of $0.25/side for black and white copies.

6. Secure the label to your return box and drop off your package to our store any time during our store hours: M-F 7a-7p, Sat 7a-5p, Sun 9a-5p. (or to your closest local UPS Drop-off location).

If you have already requested the No printer, No problem option – you might be able to go in and cancel your return and start over. If you are unable to, the best route would be to try contacting Amazon directly.

We greatly apologize for any inconvenience that these changes by Amazon and UPS may have caused any of you. Unfortunately we have been told that since we are a Drop-off Center and not a UPS Store that we will not be given the technology to print labels from these QR codes.

Please pass on the word to anyone you know who does shopping through Amazon. Thank you from all of us at Portage Lumber!